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I was watching Supernanny last night and Jo was trying to make the mother see that spanking her child should not be an option, instead they were trying to make the girl stand in the corner (or time out or whatever). Every time the mom would put her there, she would run away and have to be taken back. They did this for THREE HOURS until the little girl finally stayed.

I've seen this pattern several times on the show and supposedly it only takes a few times like this for the child to learn and start cooperating. Here's my problem: from what I've seen, most of the moms on this show are stay at home moms, and even though I'm sure there are other things they would like to be doing during that time, what about us working moms that do NOT have 2 or three hours to spare when our child is throwing a fit?? What happens when that fit is happening as we're headed out the door to someplace we NEED to be?

I'm not trying to judge Supernanny or SAHM's, I'm just asking for any suggestions or alternatives. Shelby WILL NOT sit in time out. I tried putting her in her crib for a while, but now she can climb out of it and I took it down before she fell and cracked her head open. If I try to hold her for a time out she fights and kicks and it's horrible. What do I do?? (Shelby's 2 by the way, and most of her tantrums happen when she is overly tired or missed her nap - not an excuse, just a fact.)

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