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Travel Tips

I am in need of some travel tips for flying with an 18 month old.  We are currently in the beginning phase of planning trip and I want to know if we should get a seat for him on the plane  (I'm already leaning towards that b/c I can't see my son sitting on our lap the entire plane ride). 

What are the essentials that I *have* to take with me? What things would I think I *have* to take but I can leave at home?

What I'm most concerned with is the time difference. We have not traveled with him before and dealt with a time change and with this trip will come a 3 hour time change. (3 hours behind EST) What can I do to get him adjusted to AZ time - what am I supposed to do?  I really don't want to start our days on our trip at 2 or 3 am! Right now he's on a pretty good schedule so I'm concerned about completely jacking that up. (At this point, I think we'll be staying for 4 maybe 5 days - if that helps at all.)

Any suggestions????  I'm completely clueless here!!!

(I will probably x-post this!)

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