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Free chance to give to charity...PLEASE READ.

If this isn't allowed, please delete, but I thought this was an EXCELLENT opportunity that is FREE to us.

Six Apart is doing a really good thing right now. You can Support the DonorsChoose charity with A $30 gift certificate from Six Apart.

Click on this link for instructions:

DonorsChoose is an organization that is devoted to helping out school kids with various projects that need funding. You can actually choose which project you would like to fund. I don't know why Six Apart has decided to bury useful news like this in lj_biz instead of news, but I suppose they have their reasons. I wouldn't have even known about the project if it hadn't been for a poster in one of my communities.

Please consider doing something for the kids. Send an email to and you will receive a $30 gift certificate via e-mail that you can use to fund a project on DonorsChoose. The project I chose was a teacher trying to raise funds for a class felt board -- you can search by locale, subject and many other variables. It's a really good feeling to know that you've done something to potentially broaden a child's horizons. The Six Apart gift certificates end at 5pm Pacific on Monday, so it's important to take advantage of this offer as quickly as possible.

ETA: I have already done it myself, so they are actually sending the gift codes out! It took them awhile to get the code to me, but it did arrive!

*Some text borrowed from original poster to speed in getting the word out.
*Crossposted all over the place
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