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Up date on my two

So a update on my two. They turned 3 on March 22nd.  I am staying home with them at the moment.  I love it.  We spend our days going to the park, and doing art projects.  Its good fun.  We have learned our ABC's and can count to 15.   

All of you wonderful mommy's out there, what do you do with your children?  Mine love to color and stuff, but I am trying to find new projects to do with them.  I want to keep them learning as much as possable.  So if any of you guys have any ideas I would love to hear them.. *smile* Thanks.

Okay so here is one of Sandia.  This one was taken a few months ago.  She was baby A.

This one is Sandia again taken a couple days ago.  They are getting so big.

This one is Sean, taken a few months ago too.  This is baby B

This is sean again taken a couple days ago.

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