VaLeRie (valerybrutality) wrote in babies2005,

Party City

I bought 2 of these at the 99 cent store...

I just went to just to see if the thing that I was bidding on ON ebay was on there and I saw this....and then I saw the price.


I guess I got a bargain lol!

For those of you that don't know. I'm having a little Halloween thing for my daughter and her cousins after they are done trick or treating. I started early....2 weeks ago. As soon as the stuff went up at the 99 cent store I was there cause we all know when it hits closer and closer to Halloween that place and most places are a mess.

I had posted something yesterday about free invitations that you print out and I printed all my Halloween cards on this site

Right now I'm searching for a site where I can print out red eyes cause I'm doing a whole decore in my house where I'm covering up regular pictures with spooky pictures and figurines with red eyes....stuff like that. I dont want to make it look to spooky for the kids. ;) Does anyone have any ideas?? I'm doing the bathroom too.
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