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I figured I would post it too..*smile*

1) Your name and age - Amanda and I am 22

2) Date you gave birth - March 22, 2005

3) Name of the baby - Sandia Jade, and Sean Alexander

4)Did you know the sex before the birth? - I did, I actually didn't want to know, and the lady doing my ultrasound told me, I was mad at first but it worked out. 

5)Are you married, single, or partnered? - Partnered

6) What did you love the most about being pregnant? - everything, I loved it.  I felt great, I was just so so happy when I found out I was pregnatnt, my doctor's told me I wasn't going to be able to  have children when I was 15.  So I was just so happy

7) What are/were you most frightened of? - because I twins, they they usually come early, I was worried about some of the things that could happen with premature babies.  I was so scared that my babies were going to be sick.

8)What milestones has your little one reached? - Well my two are potty trained! yey!  And we have learned our ABC's, and can count to 20. 

9) Any new babies since your 2005 baby was born? - Nope, I am pretty busy with the two I have right now, but hopefully I will be able to have a couple more.  I do think the next one though I am going to try and adopt.

10) Any new & exciting events in the past 3 years? - Everyday with my two is new and exciting, Everyday they are learning something new, and getting into something.  I can't say that anything is more exciting then being a mom.
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