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1st Grade!!!!

Eve started the 1st grade today. I left with an unsettled feeling. I wasn't sure what to do because last time the teacher talked to us... This time the teacher talked to us too but for a short period of time and last time I was more vocal. This time I couldn't speak.

Last time she had free lunch, I hope she gets free lunch this time. I asked the teacher about it and I thought she would have pulled out a list but she didn't. Hmmmm. I think i heard somewhere that they get free lunch for the first week of school. Anyways, I did pack a lunch.

I'm also concerned that they put her in a 1st/2nd grade class. We saw her Kindergarden teacher and she didn't even say hi to me she just spoke to Eve. Acknowledge me!!!!! Anyways, she said it was because Eve was one of her smart kids but.... I think it's because they just combined the classroom. Im concerned Eve might get distracted cause she's one of those easily distracted kids. I don't want her to think it's to hard and not wanna learn and get frustrated. We will see.
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